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            Ningxia Wear Casting Co., Ltd was established in 2004. The registered capital of the company is 40 million RMB, and covers an area of 142800 square meters. It is located in Shizuishan High-Tech Development Zone with more than 300 employees. The main products include mining machinery castings, high voltage power transmission and transformation castings, auto castings, robotic parts, etc. The technique include resin sand, water glass sand, low pressure cast, gravity cast, die cast, lost foam and precision core assembly.

            The annual output of the company is 25000 tons. It can produce various of castings of carbon steel, low alloy steel, high manganese steel, bainite steel, gray iron, nodular iron and aluminum alloy, as well as the company has the ability of the precision machining by CNC machine centers. The piece weight of the products is from 2kg to 5000kg.   

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          Address: 16#, Xiangyang Road, High-tech development Zone, Shizuishan, Ningxia 
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